Why Tokat?

Advantages of Agriculture and Livestock Sector

  • Land and soil conditions suitable for agricultural production
  • Ecological structure that allows product diversity, second crop and winter vegetable cultivation
  • Agricultural areas at different altitudes between 230 meters and 1500 meters, which ranks 34th in terms of size within the country.
  • Plant production in 3 different climatic zones (Central Anatolia climate, Central Black Sea climate, Eastern Anatolia climate)
  • Land, air and railway transportation facilities that facilitate the marketing of agricultural products
  • It has 10 products that are in the top 10 in the order of plant production in the country. Grapes (for wine) and bell peppers are in the 3rd place; onions, fresh kidney beans and fresh beans are in the 5th place; tomatoes and tobacco are in the 6th place; sour cherry is in the 7th place; and oil sunflower and sugar beet are in the 8th place.
  • Branded agricultural products of which Tokat originates (rosehip, vineyard leaves, kiki, tomato, pepper, cherry)
  • Fruit sapling production enterprises
  • Areas suitable for organic farming
  • Obtaining secondary products in herbal production in Tokat Merkez, Pazar, Turhal, Niksar, Erbaa Districts
  • Ecological structure suitable for sugar corn, popcorn, industrial potato production
  • Suitable areas for oilseed production in Pazar-Turhal-Zile Districts
  • A sustainable crop rotation
  • Irrigation projects will make 2/3 of the province's agricultural lands irrigable
  • Meadows and pastures that allow for the dissemination of organic livestock
  • Gene source for Karayaka and Karagül Sheep
  • Infrastructure suitable for land and cage fishing in lakes and ponds
  • Presence of flora at different altitudes, sufficient for 80,000 beehives
  • Plant production areas suitable for organic agriculture
  • Ecological environment suitable for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Organizations and technical teams with expert and experienced staff in the province (Gaziosmanpaşa University, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forest, Central Black Sea Passage Zone Agricultural Research Institute, Non-Governmental Organizations, Chambers and Unions)




Advantages of the Industry Sector


  • 80 years of experience in agriculture-based industry with Turhal Sugar Factory, which is among the first sugar factories in Turkey
  • Rich source of raw materials for agro-food industry enterprises: 92 varieties, 2.4 million tons of herbal products
  • Forest areas, which are in the 6th place in the country with their size and are an important source of raw materials for the forest products sector
  • The multi-centered development potential of the province, the potential of trained workforce in different sectors in different districts.
  • Underground resources such as antimony, bentonite, coal, copper, chrome, limestone, asbestos, cement, manganese, graphite, quartz, marble, important for the mining industry
  • Experienced workforce potential in the ready-to-wear and apparel industry
  • Erbaa-Turhal-Niksar and Zile Organized Industrial Zones where land can be allocated with 80% discount
  • Four important projects that will strengthen the industrial infrastructure to be completed in the near future: TEKNOPARK – İŞGEM and COMMON USE WORKSHOP
  • GOP University has experienced academic staff for the development of university-industry cooperation.
  • GOP University, which is among the top 50 universities in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index-2013 Ranking prepared by TUBITAK
  • Vocational Training activities organized for sectoral needs
  • Opportunity to benefit from support outside the OIZ (5th Region) and within the OIZ (6th Region) according to the Decision on State Aids in Investments No.3305




Advantages of the Tourism Sector


  • Opportunity to see the traces of Anatolia's hidden history
  • Zile, where Caesar declared his victory to the world with the words Veni Vici Vidi, is a favorite city in every period of history.
  • Presence of important monuments stemming from the fact that Tokat was one of the 6 important cities of the Seljuk State and one of the 10 important cities of the Ottoman State.
  • The only city in the world where 900-year-old Turkish-Islamic artifacts can be seen in 900 steps
    Opportunity to visit Turkey's second largest castle and Anatolia's first medical school in Niksar, the first Turkish-Islamic capital in Anatolia.
  • One of the five most beautiful Taşhans in Anatolia is in the province
  • The potential of Tokat Reşadiye Zinav Thermal Tourism Center and Akbelen Plateau Tourism Center to attract tourism investors
  • Development potential of alternative tourism types
  • Development potential of rural tourism with ARDSI supports
  • In Reşadiye and Sulusaray for thermal tourism investors
  • Existence of different themed destinations on the Amasya-Ordu route