In the textile and apparel industry, which was laid during the Ottoman Empire, Tokat and Denizli were two important centers in the weaving industry. Tokat was an important export center with printing and dyeing as well as weaving. In this sector, which has 600 years of experience, it is the sector that provides the highest employment in the province with the enterprises operating in the central-Erbaa-Turhal and Zile districts.

In Erbaa district, Gökdeniz Textile, Akarteks Textile, UTG Canicas Textile, Aster Anadolu Tekstil, Ayener Textile, Fersah Clothing, Taneks Textile, Dumanlar Konfeksiyon, Erek Tekstil, Mandan Textile and Safa Textile enterprises; CRS Denim Tokat, Umut Tekstil, Reha Tekstil, Kardelen Work Wear in the central district, Ülkü Tekstil, Yüce Tekstil, Has Özgen Textile and Dimteks Textile; In the Niksar district, CBF Textile, Aslan Tekstil, Enkayteks Textile and Uniteks Textile; Haktin Textile, TET Clothing, Hayka Textile; Selma Yeter in Almus district, Uncuoğlu Konfeksiyon in Zile district and Çuhadaroğlu Textile enterprises in Reşadiye district.


District Number of Enterprises Number of Employees
Erbaa 15 2262
Tokat 17 1975
Turhal 4 482
Niksar 4 598
Almus 1 125
Zile 2 68
Reşadiye 1 18
Total 44 5528

In the sector in which 44 enterprises operate, 5528 people are employed. CRS Denim Tokat (Head Office), Gökdeniz Tekstil (Erbaa) and Akarteks Tekstil (Erbaa) are the enterprises that provide the most employment in the sector. These enterprises account for 29% of total employment.

The sector's share in the province's exports is 63.5%. There are 14 enterprises in the sector. Haktin Confection, Ziya Clothing, Kaner Konfeksiyon and UTG / Canicas are among the leading companies in the sector.

14 companies operating in the sector made a total of $ 97,970,858 in 2012.