Tokat has a total installed electricity generation capacity of 486.37 MWe with 12 HEPPs, 3 WPPs and 1 thermal power plant. Almus HEPP (90 MW), Köklüce HEPP (27 MW) and Ataköy HEPP (5.52 MW) power plants built by DSİ on Yeşilırmak River and later privatized have a total installed power of 122.52 MW in operation.

Tepekışla Dam and HEPP (69.92 MW), Reşadiye HEPP (64.28 MW), Niksar HEPP (64.28 MW), Tuna HEPP (37.19 MW), Onur REG, built by the private sector. and HEPP (19.56 MW), Yeşilırmak I HEPP (14.25 MW), Sucati I-II HEPP (8.31MW), Çilehane HEPP (7.2 MW), Yeşilırmak II HEPP (6.24 MW), Killik WPP (40 MW), Bereketli WPP (30 MW), Akyurt WPP (12.8 MW) started operations with a total installed power of 349.61 MW. Construction works of Akıncı HEPP (99 MW), Omala HEPP (16.55 MW), Karakeçili I HEPP (6.95 MW), Delice I HEPP (6.2 MW), Killik HEPP (45 MW) continue. The operational installed power of 5 projects under construction will be 173.7 MW. With the completion of all works, 16 HEPPs, 3 WPPs and 1 Thermal Power Plant with 660.07 MW electricity generation power will operate throughout the province.