With the facilities established by the public and private sector in Tokat, the agriculture-based industry has developed. The enterprises that evaluate the quality agricultural products obtained from the fertile agricultural lands in the province are located. Founded in 1934 as Turkey's first sugar Located Turhal sugar factory in the factory, established in 1958, Turkey's first fruit juice producer and Turkey Dimes, one of the top 500 companies, is an important actor in the city's industrialization process.

The sector with the highest number of enterprises in the province is the third sector providing the most employment. Food industry enterprises are concentrated in Turhal, Merkez, Zile and Niksar. Muammer Tuksavul Turhal Sugar Factory in Turhal Akyudum Food Milk Factory - Akar Un - Hacıbey Meat and Food enterprises; In the central district Dimes - Topçam Food - Espa Gıda - Aşıkbaba Meat and Meat Products - Mufi Food - Meka Food - SNS Food - Bensu Spring Water - Koplu Sucuk Pastirma and Fenugreek - Nifuma Dairy Products, Toksutsan and Zafer Un enterprises; Birsan Un - Özkaleli Food in Zile district, Yıldırım Kardeşler Un, Niksar Ayvaz Water Plant in Niksar District - Yılmaz Un - Olca Food Industry - Niksar Bereket Milk and Dairy Products - Cevizsan Tahmiscioğlu Food - Niksar Kaya Water and Susa Beverage Industry enterprises; In the district of Erbaa, Mistat Gıda, Erun and Zirve Gıda are active.

Number of Food Industry Enterprises and Distribution of Employees by District

District Number of Food Industry Enterprises Number of Employees
Turhal 15 637
Tokat 29 252
Zile 14 177
Niksar 15 215
Erbaa 10 157
Pazar 4 27
Reşadiye 4 23
Artova 2 14
Almus 2 11
Sulusaray 1 1
TOTAL 93 1512

IMuammer Tuksavul Turhal Sugar Factory, Niksar Ayvaz Water Business and Birsan Un enterprises are the food industry, which is the third sector, which provides the most employment in the province (with 1512 people).

The sector's share in the province's exports is 73%. In 2016, the companies operating in the sector made exports of $ 12,798,245. The products exported are fruit juice, walnuts, dairy products, leaves, molasses, sugar, flour and pulses.