Metallic mines and mines that are industrial raw materials are mined in Tokat. Antimony, copper, iron, chromium, manganese and nickel are among the metallic mines mined in the province; Aspest, bentonite, kaolin, clay, limestone and marble are among the mines that are industrial raw materials extracted in the province. Among these mines, marble, bentonite, antimony and hard coal come to the fore.


According to the researches, it is stated that 40% of the world's marble reserves are located in our country and about 20% of this reserve is located in Tokat. With its marble reserves of 5 billion 162 million m³, Tokat; Balıkesir ranks 5th after Afyon, Bilecik and Eskişehir. In Tokat, there are 9 types of marble of different colors and quality, including beige marble, travertine (noche, yellow), diabase (black), smoked (with sandy hair), black marble, white marble, onyx marble (greenonics), serpentine and basalt marble. detected. It is offered to domestic and foreign markets as blocks and processed. Mineral reserves in the central district, Zile and Turhal districts are operated by private sector enterprises.


There are calcium and sodium bentonite reserves in our country, which has approximately 15% of the world's bentonite reserves. In the district of Reşadiye, where the only sodium bentonite reserve in our country is located; High quality sodium bentonite, which is widely used in the drilling industry, casting industry and construction industry, is extracted and presented to domestic and foreign markets. Hard coal in Zile and Artova districts; Antimony ore is mined in Turhal district.