Forest areas make up 48% of the area of Tokat province. Industrial wood is obtained from these forested lands, which are in the responsibility area of Tokat Merkez, Almus, Erbaa and Niksar Forestry Operations Directorates. In 2016, 173.336 m³ of industrial wood was produced and used as a raw material source by industrial enterprises operating in the province and its immediate surroundings.

The share of the sector in total industrial employment is 4.6%. Looking at the distribution of the enterprises operating in the sector by districts, the Central district with 14 enterprises ranks first, Niksar district ranks second with 10 enterprises, and Erbaa district ranks third with 7 enterprises.

District Number of Enterprises Number of Employees
Tokat Central  14 182
Erbaa 7 270
Zile 6 70
Niksar 10 93
Turhal 4 45
Pazar 1 50
Almus 1 5
Reşadiye 1 4
TOTAL 43 719

In the food industry, which is the fourth sector that provides the most employment in the province, the companies that provide the most employment are Erbaa Coating Industry, Eroğlu Ambalaj and Orman Ürünleri, Özgür Mobilya, Şahinler Kerestecilik and Diva Ahsap. These enterprises constitute 42.1% of the total employment.

The companies that provide the most employment in the sector are Erbaa Coating Industry, Özgür Mobilya and Gökçe Kereste businesses. These enterprises constitute 29% of the total employment.